Top Stories to hit the News Stands August 2013

electric picnic 2013 wide stageIt’s the very last day of summer 2013, the kids are back in school, the very last outdoor music festival “Electric Picnic” is under way up the road in Stradbally Co. Laois, this blogger sits listening to it – Robert Plant [Led Zeppelin]  live – on the radio drum rolling her fingers on the desk, pondering where to start with the biggest stories to hit the news stands this month. Lets have a look at the ‘headers’..well  Kate and Wills decided on a name for the future king of England… they settled on George Alexander Louis, (don’t get carried away Mr Walsh… it ain’t in your honour…. and yes the X Factor is back with a thump tonight) … more on that later….  Other stories to rock the news stands; Pat Kenny defected from RTE to Newstalk after 41 years with the station….Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas split, as did Denise Van Outen and Lee Mead. Madonna hopped into Ireland for Irish designer David Collins’ funeral and promptly hopped home again. Terminally ill “Simpsons” creator Sam Simon to leave his entire fortune to charity.  USA bank forecloses on the wrong house (amazing story). Simon Cowell is to become a dad. Clery’s store shuts as thunderstorm in Dublin wreaked havoc. We take a sneaky peak at Jennifer Aniston and fiance Louis Theroux’s new $22 million dollar home. Kate Price gave birth to her fourth child and named him Jett Riviera, although born some weeks early, baby is still in hospital suffering with breathing problems (we wish them both well)… .  We bade farewell to thee wonderful men Colm Murray, Seamus Heaney and JJ Cale.

We can confirm that Love/Hate’s character Darren is definitely dead and won’t be resurrected in the forthcoming hit blockbuster series…

orchid giveaway snake necklace promoHowever without a shadow of a doubt the biggest story to hit our personal news desk here at Orchid Towers this month is the launch of our brand new sparkling website  And the sole reason this is a main story is as a result of our online sales this month… we are now in the position to hire more people on our sales team!  That’s right folks, are hiring in 2014…. we’ll be announcing this groundbreaking story on our facebook page so keep your eyes peeled.  But first…. let’s kick off with this Month’s most inspiring woman… needless to say this picture alone speaks volumes.


princess-diana (1)

Tragically on this day in 1997, the world lost one of its most iconic women of all time. It was a fitting tribute to this wonderful lady and mother of two that her son William and wife Kate brought their newborn George to visit Diana a few days ago to her place of rest. As a mum she would have been so very proud of how both her sons turned out to be such great men.

Diana was born into an aristocratic English family with royal ancestry as The HonourableDiana Spencer. She was the fourth child of John Spencer, Viscount Althorp and his first wife, the Honourable Frances Roche, daughter of the 4th Baron Fermoy. Diana becameLady Diana Spencer when her father inherited the title of Earl Spencer in 1975. She became a public figure with the announcement of her engagement.

DIANA_BALLET_4_copyHer wedding to the Prince of Wales on 29 July 1981 was held at St Paul’s Cathedral and seen by a global television audience of over 750 million. While married she bore the titles Princess of WalesDuchess of CornwallDuchess of RothesayCountess of Chester and Baroness of Renfrew. The marriage produced two sons, the princes William and Harry, who were respectively second and third in the line of succession to the British throne throughout her lifetime.

kate wills george and lupoAfter her marriage, she undertook a variety of public engagements. She was well known for her fund-raising work for international charities and as an eminent celebrity of the late 20th century. She also received recognition for her charity work and for her support of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. From 1989, she was the president of Great Ormond Street Hospital for children, in addition to dozens of other charities.

Princess-Diana-with baby harryDiana remained the object of worldwide media scrutiny during and after her marriage, which ended in divorce on 28 August 1996. If the Prince of Wales had ascended the throne during their marriage, Diana would have become queen consort. Media attention and public mourning were considerable following her death in a car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997.  Regardless of all the conspiracy theories, the incontrovertible fact that Diana was simply the unfortunate passenger in a car that was being driven by a driver who was drunk at the wheel, should never be lost in translation. That said, this woman’s contribution to the world and humanity during her short stay on this earth shall never be forgotten in history.  George would have loved his grandmother; and of that pure and very special love, he was truly robbed.  Rip Diana.


Click to View Finbar Furey Live Performance on The Hit.
Click to View Finbar Furey Live Performance on The Hit.

Undoubtedly as we wave in the new season of the infamous X Factor we must pay homage to RTE’s rather brilliant music reality show equivalent.. The Hit… which focussed mainly on the song writers and rightly so.  U2’s Producer Steve Lillywhite did the selecting and the result was quite astonishing, albeit unsurprising given the utter brilliance of the over all winner and No 1 selling song through the series Mr Finbar Furey.  The writer of this hit, Gerry Fleming is said to be over the moon with the result today…. in a nutshell, Lillywhite selected some 12 writers out of thousands of entries to come up with potential hits for a dozen or so well known artists, who had over a six week period, to select record and release one song each.  The artist had to chart in order to make it through to the finals (last night).  By and large the 6 top artists charted between #10 and #3… however Furey went straight in at No 1  a few weeks ago and remained (contrary to belief) right up there and walked away with the series top song and Gerry Fleming was named top writer last night….   the most significant element of this particular reality format is that its Producer Philip Kampff focussed on the songwriters and as a result the writers got a real crack of the whip in terms of charting. Click the Hit pic above to watch Finbar performing the winning song last night live at the 02 in Dublin with The RTE Orchestra. In a word…. Spellbinding!


x-factor-2013-judges-3Indeed… you could not write the kind of hype stories or the lengths  these boyz will go to to grab headlines on news stands around the globe. Ok so they fire Xfactor Judge Tulisa… she goes onto to be set up in a chaotic drugs fix (case due in court next month)…   so while that’s going on… Simon decides to give Sharon Osbourne her old job back on the panel (no comment)….. and just to ‘be sure to be sure’… he goes and has an affair with his best mate’s wife, soon afterwards Lauren Silverman announces she’s to have Simon’s child, divorces her husband and the profile world of the XFactor… well … does exactly what it says on the tin…..  drama sells product!  Period. You can catch this reality soap… TV3 and ITV 8pm every Saturday and some Sundays til’ Christmas…. boom!  or should that be baby boom!

Click to view Sharon's fit of the giggles in tonight's show series 10 eps 1
Click to view Sharon’s fit of the giggles in tonight’s show series 10 eps 1

Just for the record…. the jury’s still out on this one … but as you will see from tonight’s offering… we’re 100% convinced by a ‘country mile’ as Captain Cowell would say…that Mizz Osbourne may just have been at the cooking Sherry before she went ‘on air’ the day she recorded this episode of the auditions (the shows don’t go live for months yet)….  Or…. just maybe, she had (ahem…cough…cough….) allegedly had a hit of the old laughing gas …. we reckon there’s plenty more of her obnoxious, conceited behaviour to come. (oi vey)….  click pic to see for yourselves… let us know if you agree… or not?


Michael-Douglas-and-Catherine-Zeta-Jones-enquirerWe don’t want to dwell on the ‘excess of success’ syndrome that plagues the world of the rich and thick…..sorry, famous… but for God’s sake what is wrong with you people… you literally have it all… and yet for some … it’s just not enough… yep…more celebrity couples broke up this month…. by and large… it’s fair to say that ‘we’ don’t know the full story. However, for us lesser beings….

??????????????????????????????We simply have to work harder at keeping things together for the sake of the children…. we don’t have the cash-cow to afford separate bathrooms let alone houses… The first couple up to go their ‘separate ways’  are the Douglas’….. just curious…  have either of you got a new movie coming out anytime soon? ….  and with all that dosh… and mammoth palaces you live in…. why not just move into separate wings…. and say nothing… for the sake of the kids.

denise-van-outen-lee-mead-split-marriageThen there’s the Meads…. three years later and it’s done… cooked, fried, over… Was the eight year age gap… or geographical distance (he’s been in LA filming –  She’s been in London working) ‘syndrome’ the pin that burst the bubble… who knows?  One thing’s for sure…. Denise did not want this to end… and from where we’re sitting Lee probably got a little too much success too soon and simply couldn’t handle it…  we think it’s very sad for all involved… Let this be a warning to all you potential ‘reality show’ folks… be very careful of what you wish for…….otherwise it may…just possibly…all end in tears.


On Popehat, Ken details the astounding story of Katie Barnett, whose home was burglarized by agents of the First National Bank of Wellston, Ohio, who mistook her house for one that they were foreclosing upon. The bank broke into her house, changed the locks, and got rid of many of Barnett’s possessions.

bank run cartoonThe local police refuse to get involved, and the bank’s CEO, Anthony S. Thorne, is refusing to reimburse her in full for her possessions, which were stolen and destroyed by his company. Thorne says that because Barnett can’t produce receipts for all of her goods (because who does that?) (and also, even if she had, they’d have been in her burglarized house), and because her recollection of her stuff doesn’t match the “inventory” of the bungling bank employees who stole everything she owned, he will not pay her full compensation.  The McArthur, Ohio police refuse to get involved.

Would they get involved if Katie burglarized a house? Yes they would. Would they get involved if Katie ran off with someone’s stuff and refused to repay? Yes they would. Will they get involved when a bank — a reliable crony of government — burglarises a house and drags its feet on repaying the victim? No they will not.  Seems it’s not just the Irish banking system that is corrupt……   Sooner or later this system will be brought down… and maybe it has already started with people putting their cash money back under their mattress …. where it is actually safe. [for more about this story here ]


sam simon simpsons creatorSam Simon, the 58-year-old nine-time Emmy-winning “Simpsons” co-creator who was recently diagnosed with terminal colon cancer, has decided to leave his entire fortune to charity. His post-”Simpsons” credits also include shows like “Anger Management” and “The Drew Carey Show,” and the writer-producer admits that he doesn’t even know the full amount of his wealth; he continues to earn “tens of millions” from “The Simpsons” in royalties every year. This kind of generosity is rare for anyone, but it’s especially out of step in status-obsessed Hollywood. But Simon, who is not married and does not have any children, has been a philanthropist his entire life. With his fortune, he has founded the Sam Simon Foundation, worth nearly $23 million as of 2011, which feeds starving people and dogs. He has donated hefty sums to PETA, Save the Children and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed Simon about the diagnosis and his decision to give away all that he’s earned. “The truth is, I have more money than I’m interested in spending. Everyone in my family is taken care of. And I enjoy this,” he said.

When asked if he was “frustrated with bad things happening to good people,” like being diagnosed with colon cancer, Simon said:

No. I don’t think that’s what karma is. It never crossed my mind. But I don’t think the spirit of Hollywood is such a spirit of generosity. I think people really begrudge giving. In New York, it’s like that. A lot of charities spend a million dollars on a fundraiser to make $15,000. It’s a social swirl. They do some great stuff and then — it’s called mission drift. It becomes more about the parties. You know, I’m not married, and I don’t have kids. I had an emergency operation when I was septic, and I really did come very close to dying. My colon cancer perforated my colon. When I woke up in the hospital, even though I did have a will, it did become that much more important to me to set this stuff up for the future. And the Rockefeller Foundation has consultants who have been amazing. We found fantastic trustees. It’s something that will be living after I’m gone.

Story courtesy of

like we said… Sam’s simply a pure class act! Respect to you sir.


jennifur annistons house arialRENOVATIONS are finally complete on Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s dream home.

The famous pair has spent several months overseeing the renovations on the $22 million Los Angeles estate. It has been claimed the work even delayed their wedding but the plush pad is now complete – with a few rather unique features.

jennifur annistons house4 poolThe Bel Air property apparently boasts a $3.2 million wine cellar, margarita fountain and a “cave” for Justin. “Jen and Justin have very different hobbies and interests, so it was important to her that the new home allows them to express themselves without getting under each other’s feet,” a source told British magazine Grazia.

jennifur annistons house1“Jen has had a $3.2 million, 1,600 sq ft wine cellar and a $952,000 clay-room spa built, where you can rub healing Korean clay – known for its detoxification properties – into your skin. “Jen is a fan of Mexican food, so she also has a $1.15m oven in the garden, as well as a margarita fountain (a special machine for mixing drinks that looks like a water feature). “And part of the house has a retractable roof, so when it’s sunny they can have an indoor/outdoor living experience.”

jennifur annistons house2The cost of the renovations is believed to be around $12.7 million. Jen was apparently eager to ensure Justin felt like he has his own space in the property.

“Jen has created a cork-covered soundproof room, which she’s nicknamed the ‘the cave’. It’s a place where Justin can have his friends over and they can play music and jam with their instruments, which is what he loves doing in his down time” the source explained, before adding they have also built a tree house. “He loves the outdoors, so Jen built him his own retreat in the garden.”

jennifur annistons house4 bathroom

This is the view from her bathroom…..

The tree house may sound modest, but it is built over two levels and covers 1,000 sq ft. It has also been fitted out with state of the built-in audio speakers and cost a reported $3.2 million.

In a word….   stunning!

jennifur annistons house p5 sitting room

Finally the all important ‘sitting room’…..

Jen andJustin haven’t set a date yet…. but looks like they’ll be marching down the aisle ‘in their garden’ sometime next summer if not before.. mazel tov!

Read more:


loughrea hotelWe are delighted to announce the latest Hotel to join our ever expanding client list is the spectacular The Lough Rea Hotel & Spa in Co. Galway. This wonderful new hotel overlooking Lake Lough Rea has 92 spacious rooms featuring breath-taking views of the lake. Lough Rea Hotel is only 1hr 45 minutes from Dublin, ideal for leisure and business guests alike. The award winning Lough Rea Hotel and Spa is a focal point for the Loughrea and East Galway Region, with it’s Corporate Facilities, Playtown for the Kids, Excellent Food and Beverage Departments, the Lough Rea Hotel and Spa caters for most of your Hospitality needs.


orchid giveaway snake necklace promoIt could not be easier… celebrating our brand new Orchid Jewels website all you have to do is to go to our Facebook page.. click like… share it and be in with a chance to win this stunning piece from our latest collection

Click here for Facebook Business page... Like It... Share it...Win the Necklace (draw)
Click here for Facebook Business page… Like It… Share it…Win the Necklace (draw)


The team at Orchid Towers would like to take this opportunity to wish our former colleague and great friend Pat Kenny the very best of luck with his new radio show which starts in just under 48 hours on Newstalk 106-108FM – it really does go to show that it’s never too late to start again….   best wishes Pat we know it’ll be a huge success.

pat kenny newstalk



Who’s the daddy…Nuff said eh?

USA/AUS ONLY Simon Cowell soaking up the son with mystery woman in Saint Barths


we thought we’d have a glimpse at how far the school yard has changed in nearly 30 years…. yep!

tech 1984 and today cartoon


here’s a couple of very funny signs we passed on our way to work today….  welcome to Ireland… ish….

funny signs 2 children circuis

Ever felt like this?

funny signs RoundAbout

No more junk mail –  right?


And our personal favourite here at Orchid Towers

funny signs pushig their luck
Sound familiar?   mmmmh

That’s it from all of us here.. don’t forget to go to our Facebook page click like and share it to be in with a chance to win some stunning Orchid Jewellery… better still pick yourself up something sparkling for the weekend from our brand new dazzling website shop

Autumn starts tomorrow…  
Wrap up warm, see you at the end of September….with any luck we may just get an Indian summer….  with the way this year is going nothing would surprise me….  Martina..
ORCHID purple rock angel trees

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