Top stories to hit the News Stands November 2013

tumblr_static_purple_candle_gifFor one of the shortest months of the year, November certainly brought its fair share of tragedy and devastation. Friday 8th of November will be a date that will go down in history, a day that saw one of the worlds most destructive climate events when Typhoon Haiyan ruthlessly ripped through the Philippines at gust speeds of 170mph when it made landfall, killing 5000 people and displacing some 13 million citizens. In Scotland 9 people were killed (more fatalities expected) and 32 others seriously injured when a police helicopter crashed into the roof of a packed Glasgow pub, trapping many inside in choking dust and debris. The helicopter crew – two police officers and the civilian pilot – were among the dead and the others were discovered inside the wreckage of the building. The tragic accident happened just 48 hours ago, eyewitnesses claim the Police Helicopter literally dropped out of the sky like a stone.  An investigation in the crash is underway. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of  those who tragically lost  their lives this month.


TAAnimatedXmasTree2The one sure sign that the Christmas season has begun is The Late Late Toy Show on RTE and last night didn’t disappoint. In fact by all accounts, the all dancing and singing Ryan Tubridy out did himself, the Mary Poppins Theme literally had Twitter light up like Christmas. Another true sign is the countdown to the X Factor finals which is only around the corner, we’ll take a look at who we think is in the running and we’ll also be taking a look back at some of the most successful Christmas chart songs of all time.  In other not so extraordinary news to hit the news Stands this month, U2’s fifth member and band manager Paul McGuinness announced his decision to step down, which also means he’s bagged himself a nice little Christmas bonus of €30 Million. Cheryl Cole settled her court case with the producers of X Factor USA and Keith Duffy defends his cameo in the Irish TV Drama Love/Hate. We’ve a wonderful story of a Homeless man who found a wallet and tracked down the owner. A new Kramer versus Kramer emerged this week via Saatchi versus Saatchi staring Nidge’ Lawson and Charlie Saatchi, we can hear the typewriters hammering out this blockbuster as we speak. The outcome of this story is going to be a real page turner.

UTV IRELAND LOGOIn light of the shocking and quite frankly welcomed announcement that UTV are to launch a third Television here in Ireland, we take a look at twelve classic tips if it wants to be taken seriously as an Irish Channel at all, at all. Brilliantly compiled by the very talented Michael Freeman  [ writer with The Daily Edge ]  UTV HAS ANNOUNCED plans to launch a new Irish TV station to compete with RTE and TV3. But will they get it right? There are, of course, certain crucial elements that any self-respecting Irish channel must incorporate.

As a service to UTV, we have isolated the following key ingredients:

1. Anarchic puppets

Source: eternallyforever2011 

It is scientifically proven that Irish children cannot be rared correctly without a regular dose of shouting handheld characters. Ignore at your peril.

2. A snazzy logo

Source: YouTube

The more futuristic, the better. Whoo! FONTS.

3. Anne Doyle

Source: Photocall Ireland

How do we love thee Anne Doyle? Let us count the ways. We’ll agree to forget that time you got the shift from Brendan O’Connor on TV.

Source: YouTube

4. Grumpy sports pundits

Source: YouTube

Who are basically exactly like your granda when he’s in the pub.

5. Funky idents with top-notch computer graphics


Source: dragonarchive

6. Keith Duffy

And his enormous biceps. Corrie, Love/Hate, ITV game show The Door – is there anything this guy can’t do?

7. Dodgy Irish-based dramas

Source: Thejournal

Remember Deception on TV3? With Leigh Arnold?  Future cultural historians will date all Irish culture from here.

Also, there’s definitely going to be some kind of ‘original programming’ remit on the licence and murderous suburban dramas with Leigh Arnold are a great way to fill it.

8. At least one degrading UK chat show

Source: ianaxton/Twitter

Aired a week later, obviously.

9. Mattress Mick

Source: shootaudition

Goes without saying.

10. An iconic continuity announcer

Take UTV’s Julian Simmons, for example. “AND TONIGHT ON THE UTV…” Legend.

Source: scblack

11. A lottery or scratchcard show populated almost exclusively by auld wans

Source: oisin2012

12. And Craig Doyle.

Source: Sam Boal

Some kind of attempt to Make Craig Doyle Happen. Most likely in a chat-show format with a ‘modern’ twist. IT’S TWITTER LIVE WITH CRAIG DOYLE. [You’re welcome, UTV.]


And with less than 40 seconds to go The All Blacks took the game 22/24 and George was off the Hook –  but only just.


keith duffy love hateBOYZONE star Keith Duffy has said he was hurt by Love/Hate fans who pre-judged his cameo in the hit series before they had seen it. The 39-year-old received praise for his small role as a fitness instructor in Sunday night’s episode. But the actor said that he had been shocked when word leaked out he had been cast in the drama series. “I know there were diehard Love/Hate fans thinking ‘oh why did they put him in?’ Because I have such a familiar face, the prejudging I got was quite cruel. People presuming that I was taking someone else’s job to get work. But I auditioned like everyone else,” he said. The Coronation Street star revealed how he tried and failed to be cast in the Stuart Carolan penned series before. “I did an audition for Love/Hate before and RTE felt it wasn’t right but this time around, it was. I’m an Irishman and this is a huge show in Ireland, so when the audition came along, I said ‘well why not me? I went along and screen-tested, doing what every actor does. They came back and said ‘yes, we think this can work, we believe in you in this part and therefore so will the audience’,” he said.… See more on this story by Ken Sweeney [] here




Now aged 67 she’s still the most wanted voice and face of TV and Radio, currently the face of Sky Television; Joanna Lamond Lumley, OBEFRGS is an English[1] actress, voice-over artist, former model and author, who starred in the British television series Absolutely Fabulous as Edina Monsoon’s best friend, Patsy Stone, as well as in The New Avengers,Sapphire & SteelJam & Jerusalem and Sensitive Skin. In film she has appeared in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), Trail of the Pink Panther (1982) and James and the Giant Peach (1996).  She has spoken out as a human rights activist for Survival International and the Gurkha Justice Campaign and is now considered a “national treasure” of Nepal because of her support. She is an advocate for a number of charities and animal welfare groups such as Compassion in World Farming and Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals. She also won the Special Recognition Award at The National Television Awards in 2013.

joanna lumley ab fab vodka fagsJoanna Lamond Lumley[4] was born on 1 May 1946 in Srinagar, in the princely state of Kashmir and Jammu, which was then part of British India. Her parents were Major James Rutherford-Lumley, who served in the 6th Gurkha Rifles, a regiment of the British Indian Army,[5] and Beatrice Rose Weir. They married in 1941. After the independence of India in 1947, the Lumleys moved to Kent, England.[4] The family also spent time in Malaya[6] (now Malaysia).[4] Lumley was educated at St Mary’s Convent School in St Leonards-on-SeaSussex, England,[7] and afterwards attended the Lucie Clayton Finishing School,[8] after being turned down by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art at the age of 16.[9]

JOANNA LUMLEY bw modelLumley spent three years as a photographic model, notably for Brian Duffy by whom she was photographed with her son. She also worked as a house model for Jean Muir. Over forty years later, she participated in another photoshoot – again with her son – for Duffy as part of a retrospective of the photographer’s work.[10] Lumley appeared in an early episode of the Bruce Forsyth Show in 1966. She appeared in a British television advertisement for Nimble bread first screened in 1969.[11] Lumley did not receive any formal training at drama school. Her acting career began in 1969 with a small role in the film Some Girls Do and as a Bond girl in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service; she played the English girl among Blofeld‘s ‘Angels of Death’ and had two lines. She went on to have a brief but memorable role in Coronation Street, in which her character turned down Ken Barlow‘s offer of marriage. She appeared as “Jessica” on the big screen in The Satanic Rites of Dracula, released in the UK on 13 January 1974, which was the last of Hammer Film‘s Dracula series starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.  For more see here courtesy of Wikipedia.


joel hartmanJoel Hartman was digging through trash, hoping to find someone’s leftover food. Instead, he found a French woman’s wallet. Inside was her identification and credit card. Hartman, 36, said he could’ve kept it. But he didn’t. He went to four hotels until he succeeded in finding the one where the wallet’s owner was staying. That was two weeks ago. Friday night, Hartman got payback for his good deed. He was a guest at the Omni Hotel at CNN Center through Thanksgiving. He was fed and given new clothes. And he’s got $500 in his pocket, thanks to a hotel staff that searched tirelessly to find him. “He did the right thing, and now I want to do the right thing for this guy,” Scott Stuckey, the hotel’s general manager, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Hartman said he has been homeless since March, when his girlfriend died and life got too unbearable. He can’t remember when he last had a shower. And one night this week, he slept in the woods. But when he found the wallet, he was focused on one thing. Giving it back. For more on this story see here



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sam bailey two shotWell there’s no doubt about it, ten years on and the battle for the UK Christmas No 1 record is still making headlines and this year is no different. This year the battle will rage between AC/DC and whoever wins the XFactor. Over the past few months we have been championing Sam Bailey and we haven’t changed our minds. It will be a travesty if Sam Bailey doesn’t pick up the mantle, however, as the deciding factor of this reality show is down to telephone voting it’s highly probable that one of the kids will win it. Either way, Simon would be pure crazy not to give her a record deal. Speaking of Simon, it good to see that he and Cheryl have kissed and made up, indeed his partner production company in the US have apparently settled their lawsuit with Ms Cole and paid her $1.4 Million compensation for dropping her from the USA version of the show two years ago.

cat singing hilarious

Well that’s about it for now, this time next month it’ll be New Year’s Eve, it’s unbelievable just how fast this year flew by, we’d like to thank each and every one of our loyal clients and customers for all your wonderful support.

On behalf of all the team here at Orchid Jewels, wishing you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.



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