Top Stories to hit the News Stands December 2013

mandela shadow matt fordMah Nishmah? Ikaga desu ka? what’s going on? or as we say in Dublin, story bud? So here we all are in the final hours of the very last day of the very last month of the very last time we’ll see 2013. And what a belter of a year that was. Although in fairness, from a business perspective, Orchid Jewels had a truly wonderful year.  We were blessed to team up with a plethora of brilliant new clients, we gained and met some lovely new customers and long may the trend continue. However it was an extraordinary year filled with extreme ups and downs. We lost two giant greats of our time, from completely different worlds, but both leave a legacy of which we may never see the likes again. The first being His Excellency Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, South Africa’s first black president and eight days later we lost another great rebel Peter Seamus O’Toole. Both bright, brilliant and inspiring men, whose lights shall never fade.  If you were a fan of O’Toole, this 50 minute Radio documentary is worth a listen. Hilarious and touching, there won’t be a dry eye in the house John Kelly in conversation with the late great Peter O’Toole on RTE Radio 1 like the man himself, it’s utterly enchanting. In short this month’s blog mainly focusses on the late and the great….

As we say Goodbye to Mr Chips…. we leave you with his one and only remarkable Oscar Speech….His Oscar was presented to him by Meryl Streep…. grab a tissue, this is truly wonderful!

2013 was the year we found…Horse meat in burgers… a new pope…..and  the words selfie…twerking…and top ups…..We said adios to The Troika…. Trapattoni…and Maggie The Thatcher…and a sad farewell to Seamus Heaney…..George Jones…Phil Chevron… Louis Reed….Ray Manzarek… along with ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and the man they called Madiba.

AS XFACTOR lands another UK Xmas number one…we ask IS IT A RIG OR A JIG?

sam-bailey-x-factor-winners-single-louis-walsh-helped-stopped-nicholas-mcdonald-weekly-votes-handbagWell to be honest, if you wish to check you will see that we here at Orchid Towers had been championing Ms Bailey to win monthly over the past six-months. Simply and notwithstanding she has a truly remarkable voice. There wasn’t a single week went by in the live shows that that girl didn’t perform, no matter what song she was given, in true Xfactor cliche –  she nailed every single song she was given to sing. However, where there’s a hit there’s a writ.  But before we hit the writ, here’s a bit of juicy trivia, in 2007 Simon turned her down on the Xfactor when she turned up for the auditions as part of a trio and two years later, as a solo artist she didn’t even make it past the research producers (3 stages before you meet the judges) And once again the tabloids hit the controversy head on. According to The Daily Mail;  The votes have been revealed – why would Louis Walsh tell Nicholas McDonald not to sing the song from his most successful week of the series?  anyone who was watching can’t have missed just how much even her competitor’s mentor was rooting for her. Louis Walsh spent most of the final telling Sam that she was going to win and urging viewers to vote for her.

nick macdonald x fctorDespite the fact that he had little Nicholas McDonald up on the stage fighting for the same record deal. Nicholas and Sam had to choose their ‘song of the season’ – a track from any week previous. Sam went for The Power Of Love from her first week, when she took home 23.4% of the votes – the most for that week. Nicholas, on the other hand, sang Angel from week three, a week when he came second to Sam again with 25.3% to her 27% of the votes. Little Nicky topped the votes in two of the weeks, one of which was when he sang AdeleSomeone Like You, the song we heard him tell Louis he wanted to sing in the live final. In that week he received a whopping 31.4% of the total votes with Sam taking 26.5%. Good one, Louis. Did he know these stats before told Nicholas to sing that song…? In the end, the live final results were pretty conclusive with Sam taking 53.4% of the votes and Nicholas getting only 36.3% (the rest was lost votes for Luke on Saturday). Nicholas has since spoken out to say how betrayed he felt by Louis’s actions.  He told The Mail Online, ” I was disappointed with Louis saying, ‘Vote for Sam and her single everyone.’ It felt like Sam was getting all the love.” And there we have it… rumour is Cheryl will be re-joining the panel again next year… and it’s quite possible we will have an update on Simon’s gun-shot marriage before we finish the blog tonight…


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In typically true Irish fashion, the weather has been the topic of most daily greetings 


Apart from the weather,  the other essential topic was which top TV programmes were most viewed or popular across the festive season….unsurprisingly Mrs Brown’s Boys (written and starring Brendan O’Carroll) topped the most viewed TV show both here and across the UK on Christmas Night hitting 9.5 million viewers out doing both Eastenders and Corrie… which is very impressive.

The  other major TV hit this Christmas was a tribute to the Late Great Dermot Morgan… actually there are no words!  [You can catch the full show on the RTE Player –  which will be up for 20 days in the meantime here’s a clip]

This month’s Orchid Jewel is Meg Ryan

????????It’s difficult to look at the profile of Meg Ryan without mentioning the very wonderful screenwriter, the late great Nora Ephron [Silkwood,  When Harry Met Sally…Sleepless in SeattleJulie & Julia] I think it’s fair to say that without Nora’s quite brilliant writing Ms Ryan’s career could have turned out very differently. Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra (born November 19, 1961),[1] known professionally as Meg Ryan, is an American actress and producer. After playing several minor roles in film and television, Ryan became a star in 1989, when she appeared in When Harry Met Sally…. Over the next 15 years, she played leading roles in several romantic-comedy films, including Sleepless in Seattle (1993), French Kiss (1995), Addicted to Love (1997), City of Angels (1998), You’ve Got Mail (1998), and Kate & Leopold (2001), films which together grossed a total of more than $870 million worldwide.[2] In 1995, Time critic Richard Corliss called her “the current soul of romantic comedy.”

meg ryan nora ephron Her first full-blown hit in a leading role was the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally… (1989 written by Nora Ephron – pictured here on the right), which paired her with comedic leading man Billy Crystal. Her memorable portrayal of Sally Albright, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination, famously includes a now-iconic scene in which her character, while lunching with Crystal’s character in Katz’s Delicatessen in Manhattan, very theatrically demonstrates for him how easy it is to fake an orgasm. Ryan next starred in The Doors, which was moderately successful, and Prelude to a Kiss. The year 1993 saw the release of the hugely successful romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle, which paired Ryan for the second time with Tom Hanks. They had previously been paired as romantic leads in the film Joe Versus the Volcano, which was a commercial disappointment, but later developed a cult following—and they would later be paired for a third time in the film You’ve Got Mail. She also starred again with Dennis Quaid in Flesh and Bone. Read more here

Sleepless In Seattle….20 Years a classic!


posh and kateLast month we reported on the Beckhams move back to London and we took a sneaky peak at their new home on which they are spending a cool £70 million to renovate. The Duchess of Cambridge has reportedly been bonding with Victoria Beckham over decorating.  The 31-year-old royal, known as Kate Middleton prior to her nuptials to Prince William, and the fashion designer are believed to be close now the Beckhams have moved back to the UK. They have many of the same interests, with the royal couple welcoming their son Prince George in July, while Victoria and David are parents to four children.  “The Beckhams and William and Kate are becoming very close and regularly discuss everything from parenting to decorating. Kate and Victoria have a lot in common as they both adore art and interior design,” a source told British magazine Star. “William and David enjoy discussing sport and bonding over being dads, and Kate and Victoria talk about fashion, design and parenting.” One particular area in which the two women have shared ideas is the Beckham’s bathroom. The couple recently purchased a new mansion in London and are said to be spending $71.7 million on renovation. Catherine is reportedly planning a gift for their new luxury mansion. “Kate has been advising the Beckhams on their bathroom tiles, and her and William’s main bathroom is marvellous,” the insider explained. “She is sourcing antique Grecian statues for them both, too, as housewarming presents.”  When the Beckhams’ new house is all finished they are said to want to plan a dinner party with their royal pals.  “The four of them will cook together when William and Kate visit the new house. David loves making sushi and William’s keen to learn,” the source added.  Article courtesy of


cheryl and simonCheryl Cole’s Christmas just keeps getting better and better. As though it wasn’t enough to be swanning around sipping cocktails on a swanky beach while the rest of us get so sick of the sight of our families that we start plotting their downfalls, she’s also pretty much seized the X Factor judge vacancy with both hands. According to the Mail on Sunday, show insiders expect to see Chez back in that black seat replacing either Sharon Osbourne or Gary Barlow – both of whom have said they are leaving the show. “The contracts for the show will be drawn up and negotiated in March, but the plan is very much to bring back Cheryl,” a source told the newspaper.


Courtesy of The Grammar Gardai  –  Use your what there now?


“There is absolutely no information in here about how to kill a mocking bird”

cat how to kill a mockingbird

Speaking of smart cats

buy a dog

“Probably the Best Headline of 2013” – Needless to say Mrs O was not amused

selfie obama at mandela

NYE blank pageWell that’s it, 2013 come and gone. As we look forward to 2014 and on behalf of all the team here at Orchid Towers, may 2014 bring you all you wish for,  L’Shana Tova, Bonne Année,  Feliz Año Nuevo, Glückliches Neues Jahr, Bhliain Nua Sásta, Buon Anno or as we say in Dublin, keep it real bud.

Happy New Year.



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