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Top Stories to hit the News Stands in May 2014

good bad ugy logoLooking back at some of the top stories May  2014 had to offer, it was a month most definitely split into two very clear divides; the good (Maya Angelou, Derry Clarke, Conchita and Tara The Tabby hero) and the bad (Donald Trump, 1d) and the ugly (Kimye). In terms of the bad & ugly, suffice to say, the lesson these people should learn from today’s blog is; just because you’re loaded does NOT give you a licence to be greedy, rude and arrogant – you are not above the law. On the other hand, in terms of the ‘good’ celebrity stories we read and reveal this month, it’s heart-warming to see how truly inspirational real superstars can actually be  – and on so many levels.


CONCHITA on graham nortonShe dominated Eurovision 2014 and now Conchita Wurst has revealed her plans to own next year’s contest too. The Austrian singer, who nailed Eurovision with her emotive performance of Rise Like A Phoenix, is desperate to take centre stage when the competition heads to Vienna. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, she said: ‘I have cast myself in the role of host at Eurovision next year in Vienna.’  And if Cher’s got anything to do with it you may not recognise the 25-year-old transvestite this time next year. Cher reached out to Conchita on Twitter following her Eurovision performance suggesting an image overhaul, and she’s taken the advice on the chin. ‘I was so excited to receive the tweet, which said, “Darling you deserve a lovelier name and better wig”.  Asked if her beard confuses people, she explained: ‘It’s my own truth. It makes me comfortable on stage. I love myself and the bearded lady is fun and expresses everything I feel. Being a teenager in a small Austrian village was not fabulous. I tried to fit in and changed myself to be part of the game. I now realise I can create the game.’ (Metro)


Fifi-Geldof-gets-engagedAfter Bob Geldof proposed to his longterm love Jeanne Marine, Peaches’ older sister Fifi is also set to wed.  Tragic Peaches’ older sister Fifi Trixibelle Geldof is set to wed her 33-year-old boyfriend Andrew Robertson. Fifi, 31, will be following in the footsteps of her father Sir Bob Geldof, who reportedly recently proposed to his actress girlfriend of 18 years Jeanne MarineIn the wake of the news that Peaches’s tragic death was linked to a heroin overdose, Fifi shared an up close shot of her left hand and sparkling diamond engagement ring on her Instagram account. “Boydonegood,” she wrote alongside the picture. It’s unsure when she will tie the knot with fiance Andrew, who builds sand sculptures on beaches. (Mirror)


cheryl cole comeback single picShe’s back! – Hot on the heels of her return to the X Factor panel, Cheryl Cole is also planning a return to the charts with a new single entitled Crazy Stupid Love, lifted from her upcoming fourth studio album. (Should we be expecting a shirtless Ryan Gosling to pop up somewhere in the video? No? Fine.) According to Digital Spy, the former Girls Aloud star will perform the single live on the Britain’s Got Talent final on June 7.

MAY BLOG  hello coverFormer band-mate, Kimberly Walsh tells The Sun: “She will be performing on Britain’s Got Talent, which will be exciting because it’s obviously a big show and it means you won’t have to wait too long for her [new music].” The new release follows her last single, Under the Sun, which peaked at #13 on the UK singles chart in 2012. Her last album was her first not to top the charts. However, now that Chezza’s back aboard the X Factor machine this should be a well-needed return to the top. (Heat)


Maya angelou reading her poem at clintons in augPoet, civil rights activist, singer, songwriter, dancer, TV producer, director and author ; Dr. Maya Angelou passed away 3 days ago at the age of 86. We are without doubt blessed and richer as people to have known her. (albeit from her work).  An extraordinary spirit and energy who will live on through her body of works. A phenomenal woman.  Maya Angelou (/ˈm.ə ˈænəl/;[1][2] born Marguerite Annie Johnson; April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014) was an American author and poet. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than 50 years. She received dozens of awards and over 30 honorary doctoral degrees. Angelou is best known for her series of seven autobiographies, which focus on her childhood and early adult experiences. The first, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), tells of her life up to the age of seventeen and brought her international recognition and acclaim.

maya-angelou success quoteShe became a poet and writer after a series of occupations as a young adult, including fry cook, prostitute, nightclub dancer and performer, cast member of the opera Porgy and Bess, coordinator for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and journalist in Egypt and Ghana during the days of decolonization. She was an actor, writer, director, and producer of plays, movies, and public television programs. From 1982, she taught at Wake Forest University in Winston-SalemNorth Carolina, where she held the first lifetime Reynolds Professorship of American Studies. She was active in the Civil Rights movement, and worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. Beginning in the 1990s, she made around 80 appearances a year on the lecture circuit, something she continued into her eighties. In 1993, Angelou recited her poem “On the Pulse of Morning” (1993) at President Bill Clinton‘s inauguration, making her the first poet to make an inaugural recitation since Robert Frost atJohn F. Kennedy‘s inauguration in 1961.

maya angelou- miss calypso LP picWith the publication of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Angelou publicly discussed aspects of her personal life. She was respected as a spokesperson of black people and women, and her works have been considered a defense of Black culture. Attempts have been made to ban her books from some US libraries, but her works are widely used in schools and universities worldwide. Angelou’s major works have been labeled as autobiographical fiction, but many critics have characterized them as autobiographies. She made a deliberate attempt to challenge the common structure of the autobiography by critiquing, changing, and expanding the genre. Her books center on themes such as racism, identity, family, and travel. she danced professionally in clubs around San Francisco, including the nightclub the Purple Onion, where she sang and danced to calypso music.[28] Up to that point she went by the name of “Marguerite Johnson”, or “Rita”, but at the strong suggestion of her managers and supporters at the Purple Onion she changed her professional name to “Maya Angelou”, a “distinctive name”[29] that set her apart and captured the feel of her calypso dance performances. During 1954 and 1955, Angelou toured Europe with a production of the opera Porgy and Bess. She began her practice of learning the language of every country she visited, and in a few years she gained proficiency in several languages.[30] In 1957, riding on the popularity of calypso, Angelou recorded her first album, Miss Calypso, which was reissued as a CD in 1996.[26][31][32] She appeared in an off-Broadway review that inspired the film Calypso Heat Wave, in which Angelou sang and performed her own compositions….for more on this phenomenal lady see her wiki …. here she is chatting with Oprah with a clip of performing in 1957.. what a voice!  [in every sense of the word]



Sallyanne_Derry Clarke

Celebrity chef Derry Clarke is like a new man just months after undergoing serious heart surgery, his wife has revealed. The Dublin-based chef is now several stone lighter and is leading a much healthier and active lifestyle. A keen cycler, the owner of city centre eatery L’Ecrivain is in training to take on the gruelling Paris to Nice Cycle challenge this September. After undergoing a triple heart bypass at Christmas, the chef is gearing up to complete 700km over six days in aid of suicide prevention charity Console. After giving up cigarettes before the operation and taking up early-morning cycles, Derry is now in the best shape of his life, according to his wife Sallyanne. “He is doing everything he wanted to do, he is focused and he looks great,” she told the Herald “He lost a lot of weight when he had the bypass and he’s toning up now so he’s in better shape than he’s been in a long time.” Derry will undertake the Dublin to Galway cycle in the coming weeks as a training challenge before heading to France at the end of September. “He’s out on the bike and he’s been keeping healthy,” explained Sallyanne. Derry will cycle across France as part of a group of ten who are doing the challenge in aid of Console, Ireland’s national suicide charity. It is a cause that is very close to the Clarke family after their son, Andrew, took his own life, aged 16 on New Year’s Eve, 2012. “We’re doing okay and keeping busy,” Sallyanne said. “I just had a knee replacement, so it is nice for Derry to have something like this to keep him focused.” 

LEcrivain16The couple, who run Michelin- star restaurant L’Ecrivain on Lower Baggot Street in Dublin, are calling for people to support Console and the Paris to Nice cycle challenge. “We were looking online and all the children’s charities are getting a lot more support than Console,” said Sallyanne. “They deserve the support, but we are trying to raise awareness for Console and would love to see support from people.” Derry (56), has teamed up with other chefs for the cycle, including Ross Lewis, owner of swanky eatery Chapter One. The group are aiming to raise €100,00 for the suicide prevention charity and they will join more than 100 people who are taking part in the cycle. Derry, who is combining training with running L’Ecrivain, decided to have heart surgery in December. He was advised to have the operation due to a family history of cardiac problems. He returned to work at his restaurant two months later and said he has a renewed zest for life. (Herald)


may blog - wrong direction1d in old money have lost the plot! Just because you raise millions for charity – does NOT give you a licence to act like prats. In the words of Judge Judy maybe you coulda, shoulda, woulda been better advised to switch the cameras off! [One Directions Zayn and Louis caught on video this week smoking  weed in Peru]

MAY BLOG kim and kanye honeymoon in corkNewly weds’ Kim and Kanye  West were less than polite about their visit to our shores this week. The would-be-has-been celebrity couple (who are worth millions – which is NOT a licence for rudeness) chose to honeymoon in Ireland, much to the surprise of many, made some very insulting remarks about about the Irish (not worth repeating). The couple have a year old baby girl whom they named North, we kid you not,  North West? Plans to name any future children, South and East have not been ruled out? To be honest, for a couple who are basically famous for being famous, maybe next time you both marry new partners (oh and you will – it’s just a matter of time) Please do us a favor – land your jet somewhere else, further East the better.

trumps jet1DONALD ‘short arms – deep pockets’ TRUMP and family were in Co Clare a few weeks ago — the US tycoon touched down in his private ‘Gold Plated interior’ Boeing 757 to check out the west coast golf course he picked up for a bargain price back in February. If you we’re in the area, you couldn’t miss it. It’s the one with ‘TRUMP’ emblazoned on the side in gold lettering. The outspoken billionaire bought the plane three years ago from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for around €100 million. And, with all his obscene Billions (which is NOT a licence for greed). It has been reported that when he opens the west coast hotel and golf course, he’ll be recruiting staff from Jobsbridge,  yes you heard right, he wants cheap labour, paying minimum wage – some may only be paid €30 euro a week on top of their dole.  It beggars belief how people like Trump sleep at night. Greed is a rather ugly trait. This blogger hopes it stays fine for him.


When you think of heroic pets, perhaps the household cat would not jump to mind. In this incident, it was the feline that saved the day, after an innocent child was subject to a brief but vicious attack from a dog. The incident happened in Bakersfield, California, and involves Jeremy Triantafilo, a neighbour’s dog, and his family cat. The child had his back turned to the dog when it bit and refused to let go. The brave moggie jumped in and slammed against the attacking dog and chased it away, before the boy’s mother saw and came to help her child. “Thankfully, it wasn’t worse,” his father, Roger Triantafilo, wrote in posting the video. “My son is fine.” It is understood the boy received a number of stitches.  (Indo) –  Video clip courtesy of ABC News



MAY BLOG full cycle LP tapes mp3s

MAY BLOG  tell us when you had to buy the whole LP



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Top Stories to hit the News Stands March 2014

Well there’s absolutely no doubt about it as we went to publish today we thought we’d hold out for our top favourite April fool gags and boy the Irish media did not disappoint.  Newstalk’s Breakfast Show broke the startling news at 7am that George Hook had been appointed as The Irish Ambassador to The United States of America and that’s why he’s currently in the USA. Which he is, so the phone call  between Ivan and Hook sounded so credible. This blogger was very sad at the thought of losing my favourite presenter –  for about 30 seconds – until of course, I realized how amusing it actually was as it dawned on me what day it is today…. I was indeed fooled…but not for long . Click link on tweet to listen back….An oscar award winning performance from Hook.  Well done guys.

Then as the morning moved on, Pat Kenny didn’t disappoint either, a very naughty Mario Rosenstock opened the show ‘As’ Pat Kenny; which in a word  was – hilarious, if you’re in need of a good laugh … check it out.

Indeed, what a lovely winter we’re having this spring and apart from Missing Aircraft and learning new phrases like;  Conscious Uncoupling, the biggest news to hit Irish News Stands this month was;

mirror front page qui did it BOD

trimble on drums with laura and the firm 6 nations partyOur very own Laura O’Neill and her band The Firm performed at the Ireland 6 Nations Celebration party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin the night they returned from Paris… There is truth in the rumour that Trimble joined Laura  and the band on drums.  And a very good drummer indeed.

bod and laura at rugby partyLaura, who is endorsed by Orchid Jewels kicked back with Drico and the boys in style well into the wee hours. It was a truly momentous win for Ireland and an eventful occasion for Brian O’Driscoll who received the Keys to The City of Dublin last week.


However, The top story to bring the globe to a complete stand-still  is missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, which disappeared off the face of the earth on March 8th, literally without a trace. The conspiracy theories are a plentiful from aliens to hijackers, this blogger’s own theory can’t be ruled out, on my research I found the last Plane to disappear like this was PANAM in 1957, they did eventually recover the wreckage, however every single soul on board died as a result of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning  –  a silent but deadly explanation.  Once all the passengers and crew including the Pilots died, the aircraft ran out of fuel and dropped out of the sky into the ocean.  Sounds plausible right?   So riddle me this… why did MH370 change course, switch off its communications and turn sharply westward..

Revealed: the final 54 minutes of communication from MH370

Malaysian airlines  MH370 diagramThe entire 54 minutes of cockpit communication aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight has been revealed, giving a complete picture of the lead-up to the plane’s crucial final message at 1.07am of “All right, good night”. The communication includes flight MH370’s taxi on the runway to the series of messages recorded when the plane is believed by investigators to have already been sabotaged. Despite a frantic multinational search for possible wreckage in the southern Indian Ocean, no sign of the Boeing 777 has yet emerged. Five aircraft spent two hours each yesterday flying above a remote stretch of water about 1,500 miles south-west of Australia but failed to spot either of the large floating objects detected in satellite imagery on March 16. Warren Truss, Australia’s deputy prime minister, acknowledged that the apparent debris may never be found because of the area’s deep waters and strong currents. “Something that was floating on the sea that long ago may no longer be floating,” he said. “It’s also certain that any debris or other material would have moved a significant distance over that time, potentially hundreds of kilometres.” Malaysia has begun appealing to the handful of nations with deep sea detection equipment for help in what may be a long search for the aircraft’s black box. The search area spans 9,000 square miles across waters that are up to 13,000 feet deep. Malaysian minister expressed fear a possible sighting of debris may be another false lead. Searches by more than two dozen countries have turned up little but frustration and fresh questions about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which disappeared on a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. Six aircraft and two merchant ships were scouring an area of the remote southern Indian Ocean where suspected debris was spotted by satellite six days ago.  There were no reports of any wreckage being found. Australia, which announced the satellite image and is coordinating the rescue, has cautioned the objects might be a lost shipping container or other debris and may have since sunk. “Even though this is not a definite lead, it is probably more solid than any other lead around the world and that is why so much effort and interest is being put into this search,” Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss told reporters. According to several people familiar with the matter, India has told Malaysian investigators that it had found no evidence the plane flew through its airspace, making the satellite debris lead more solid. It was the first formal notification that India had come up empty-handed after checking its radar records, the sources said. Meanwhile, further clues emerged about the fate of the aircraft and its 239 passengers. A transcript of the communication between the cockpit and air traffic controllers reveals the two-way conversation between Fariq Abdul Hamid, the 27-year-old co-pilot, and air traffic controllers. Analysts said the sequence of messages appeared to be “perfectly routine” and gives no indication of the bizarre ordeal ahead, as the plane’s communications were disabled and it turned sharply westward.  Two features, they said, stand out as potentially odd. The first was a message delivered by the cockpit at 1.07am, saying that the plane was flying at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. This message was unnecessary as it repeated a call that had already been delivered six minutes earlier. Steve Landells, a former British Airways pilot who flew Boeing 777s, said this second message was not required but he did not regard it as suspicious. “It could be as simple as the pilot forgetting or not being sure that he had told air traffic controllers he had reached the altitude,” he said. “He might be reconfirming he was at 350 (35,000 feet). It is not unusual. I wouldn’t read anything into it.” The other odd feature, which is one of the reasons for suspicions that the plane’s disappearance was deliberate, was that its loss of communications and subsequent sharp turn westward occurred during the handover from air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur to those in Ho Chi Minh City. “If I was going to steal the aeroplane, that would be the point I would do it,” Stephen Buzdygan, a former British Airways pilot who piloted Boeing 777s. “There might be a bit of dead space between the air traffic controllers. It was the only time during the flight they would maybe not have been able to be seen from the ground.” The fresh details emerged as the initial hope prompted by the appearance of floating objects up to 79 foot long began to dwindle. Courtesy of JONATHAN PEARLMAN AND ADAM WU KUALA LUMPUR     SEE MORE AT  http://www.independent.ie/


Michael O’Leary unveils cuddly ‘new Ryanair experience’, Orchid Jewels would like to see this man run the country –  at least he tells it as it is?

michael olearyPumpkin risotto, smoked salmon and baked sea bass, all washed down with a couple of glasses of Prosecco. Standard fare for a City lunch, except this not just any lunch. This was a Ryanair lunch. Perhaps more startling than the menu was the fact Ryanair was serving lunch at all, as it sought to persuade hacks from around Europe on Wednesday that it really had changed into a cuddly, customer-friendly airline. In years gone by, you were lucky if you got so much as a glass of water out of the self-styled ultra low cost carrier. As Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s indomitable chief executive admitted, press conferences previously involved him sitting in a “hotel basement somewhere or a phone box talking on my own”. Wednesday’s event, to explain the “new Ryanair experience”, was held at the London Design Museum on the banks of the River Thames – even if Mr O’Leary did find the “expensive yuppy London venue” difficult to stomach. After issuing two shock profit warnings in the autumn and posting its first third quarter loss for three years last month, Ryanair is trying to shed its penny-pinching image and win over more business customers and families. The Irish carrier will this year receive the first of the 175 Boeing 737-800 aircraft ordered last summer, before its financial results took a turn for the worse, and is seeking to grow from 80m passengers a year to 110m. To fill those jets, the airline, whose business model was traditionally based on offering cheap-as-chips fares to bases in Europe that almost nobody had ever heard of, will have to start flying to more primary airports around Europe. And to entice the business and “high frequency” passengers who prefer to fly to those primary airports, Ryanair has to evolve, Mr O’Leary admitted. Several customer service improvements, such as reducing the number of website clicks required to make a booking from 17 to five, have already paid dividends, the airline chief insisted, as a plasma screen in the background displayed a tongue-in-cheek photo of him holding a cuddly golden retriever puppy. Forward bookings for May, June, July and August are five percentage points higher this year than at the same point in 2013 following Mr O’Leary’s publicity blitz in the autumn, during which he pleaded mea culpa. However, those changes, which also include allowing a second, small item of carry-on baggage, are only the beginning, Mr O’Leary promised, before introducing Kenny Jacobs, the face of the “new Ryanair”.  Mr Jacobs, Ryanair’s first chief marketing officer, who recently jumped ship from the price comparison website Moneysupermarket, is planning to emulate the success of other challenger brands such as Aldi, Ikea and H&M, which all concentrated in the beginning on low prices but have since evolved their models. “They started off absolutely focused on low cost and then on top of low cost they added more choice and then they improved the service,” said Mr Jacobs. “That’s a similar journey that the Ryanair brand will go on.” Next month, Ryanair will launch its re-vamped website which features clear bar charts showing when passengers can take advantage of the lowest fares. A mobile app will follow in the summer, while the company will launch television adverts in the UK in a fortnight.  Despite its current, unwieldy website, Ryanair is “still going to carry 81.5m passengers”, Mr O’Leary boasted. With its low fares – which remain the most competitive in the industry – and customer service improvements, the opportunities are “limitless”, he chirped.  The analysts have so far given the improvements the thumbs up. “These changes should broaden Ryanair’s addressable market (families and business) and drive higher yields,” said Investec’s James Hollins.  But not everyone is convinced the airline, which has courted controversy for its racy calendar, featuring skimpily clad female crew members, has changed. Attention was drawn by one female journalist to the attractive, blonde hosts Ryanair had employed for the day, who were shivering in the background in their skimpy blouses and tight black pencil skirts.  “Skye has assured me she’s not that cold,” shot back Mr O’Leary, standing next to one of the girls. “I will, of course, do everything in my power to warm her up,” he joked.  Ryanair may be changing but some habits clearly die hard.  By Nathalie Thomas, Leisure and Transport Correspondent

8 Reasons Michael O’Leary Should be Running This Country!

No frills Perhaps we have been living too lavishly over the years, Michael will surely know how to scale it back. We’re talking stripped way back to essentials, none of that Mercedes type stuff or mansions in the country. No way, we’re talking war era Moscow. 2. No baggage We will be leaving everything in the past. There will none of that petty “well you did this” and “you did that”. There will be an extra charge every time you give out about the previous government. 3. Won’t listen to complaints Not happy with the situation? Tough. This a no complaints service and Michael knows best for the country. He will make the right decision. You may not like it at the time, but there will be an end result. 4. Will make a profit It will be a low-cost operation, but by God, Michael will be able to make a profit. How? We won’t know. 5. No nicely nicely approach If you are expecting the nicely nicely approach, you have checked in with the wrong country. We are on a mission here people, the most amount of money, with the lowest amount of investment. 6. We will eventually take over all the other countries Sure, they won’t want us to, but we will make repeated attempts to buy out other countries. Just because Michael will be able to run that better too. 7. Quick turnaround time We are hoping to have the entire country turned around in under two hours, Michael won’t be nice to you but he will sort out this situation fairly rapidly. 8. Taking us places we have never been before Ireland will be stirred by Mike into a new era, one that we never knew could exist, but one who’s name we don’t recognise because like a lot of Ryanair flights, you never knew that city existed beside the actual city you wanted to visit.  Courtesy of  http://www.her.ie/

Orchid Jewel of the Month is Hollywood Icon Jane Fonda

janes fonda1Jane Fonda (born Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda; December 21, 1937) is an American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model, and fitness guru. She rose to fame in the 1960s with films such as Barbarella and Cat Ballou and, with interruptions, has appeared in films ever since. She has won two Academy Awards, an Emmy Award and seven Golden Globe Awards (including 3 special awards) among many other accolades. She announced her retirement from acting in 1991, but returned to film in 2005 withMonster in Law, and later Georgia Rule, released in 2007. She also produced and starred in several exercise videos released between 1982 and 1995. Fonda has been an activist for many political causes; her opposition to the Vietnam Warand associated activities were controversial. She has protested the Iraq War and violence against women, and describes herself as a feminist. In 2005, she, Robin Morgan andGloria Steinem co-founded the Women’s Media Center, an organization that works to amplify the voices of women in the media through advocacy, media and leadership training, and the creation of original content. Fonda currently serves on the board of the organization. She published an autobiography in 2005. In 2011, she published a second memoir, Prime Time.


jane fonda as a childLady Jayne Seymour Fonda was born in New York City, the daughter of actor Henry Fonda and the Canadian-born socialite Frances Ford Brokaw, née Seymour. According to her father, their surname comes from Italian ancestors who immigrated to the Netherlands.[1]There they intermarried and began to use Dutch given names.[2][3][4]). She is also of English, Scottish, French, and Norwegian descent. She was named for the third wife of Henry VIIIJane Seymour, to whom she is distantly related on her mother’s side.[5] She has a brother, Peter, an actor, and a maternal half-sister, Frances (aka “Pan”).[6]  On April 14, 1950, when Fonda was twelve, her mother committed suicide while under treatment at a psychiatric hospital.[7] Later that year, Fonda’s father married socialite Susan Blanchard (born 1928), just nine years his daughter’s senior; this marriage ended in divorce. At 15, Fonda taught dance at Fire Island Pines, New York.[8] She attended Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Fonda attended the Emma Willard School in Troy, New York and Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, where she was an undistinguished student.[9] Before starting her acting career, Fonda was a model, gracing the cover of Vogue twice.[10]    Acting career  Fonda became interested in acting in 1954, while appearing with her father in a charity performance of The Country Girl, at the Omaha Community Playhouse.[10] After dropping out of Vassar, she went to Paris for two years to study art.[11] Upon returning to the states, in 1958, she met Lee Strasberg and the meeting changed the course of her life, Fonda saying, “I went to the Actors Studio and Lee Strasberg told me I had talent. Real talent. It was the first time that anyone, except my father — who had to say so — told me I was good. At anything. It was a turning point in my life. I went to bed thinking about acting. I woke up thinking about acting. It was like the roof had come off my life!”[12]


jane fonda as a teenagerHer stage work in the late 1950s laid the foundation for her film career in the 1960s. She averaged almost two movies a year throughout the decade, starting in 1960 with Tall Story, in which she recreated one of her Broadway roles as a college cheerleader pursuing a basketball star, played by Anthony PerkinsPeriod of Adjustment and Walk on the Wild Side followed in 1962. In Walk on the Wild Side Fonda played a prostitute, and earned a Golden Globe for Most Promising Newcomer.  In 1963, she appeared in Sunday in New YorkNewsday called her “the loveliest and most gifted of all our new young actresses”.[13] However, she also had detractors—in the same year, the Harvard Lampoon named her the “Year’s Worst Actress” for The Chapman Report.[14] Fonda’s career breakthrough came with Cat Ballou (1965), in which she played a schoolmarm turned outlaw. This comedy Western received five Oscar nominations and was one of the year’s top ten films at the box office. It was considered by many to have been the film that brought Fonda to bankable stardom. After this came the comedies Any Wednesday(1966) and Barefoot in the Park (1967), the latter co-starring Robert Redford.  In 1968, she played the title role in the science fiction spoof Barbarella, which established her status as a sex symbol. In contrast, the tragedy They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969) won her critical acclaim, and she earned her first Oscar nomination for the role. Fonda was very selective by the end of the 1960s, turning down lead roles in Rosemary’s Baby andBonnie and Clyde, which went to Mia Farrow and Faye Dunaway, respectively.


jane fonda with catFonda won her first Academy Award for Best Actress in 1971, again playing a prostitute, thegamine Bree Daniels, in the murder mystery Klute. She won her second Oscar in 1978 forComing Home, the story of a disabled Vietnam War veteran’s difficulty in re-entering civilian life.[15]  Between Klute in 1971 and Fun With Dick and Jane in 1977, Fonda did not have a major film success. She appeared in A Doll’s House(1973), Steelyard Blues and The Blue Bird (1976). From comments ascribed to her in interviews, some have inferred that she personally blamed the situation on anger at her outspoken political views: “I can’t say I was blacklisted, but I was greylisted.”[16] However, in her 2005 autobiography, My Life So Far, she rejected such simplification. “The suggestion is that because of my actions against the war my career had been destroyed … But the truth is that my career, far from being destroyed after the war, flourished with a vigor it had not previously enjoyed.”[17] She reduced acting because of her political activism providing a new focus in her life. Her return to acting in a series of ‘issue-driven’ films reflected this new focus. In 1972, Fonda starred as a reporter alongside Yves Montand in Tout Va Bien, directed by Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin. The two directors then made Letter to Jane, in which the two spent nearly an hour discussing a news photograph of Fonda. Through her production company, IPC Films, she produced films that helped return her to star status. The 1977 comedy film Fun With Dick and Jane is generally considered her “comeback” picture. She also received positive reviews, BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress, and an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the playwright Lillian Hellman in the 1977 film Julia.[15] During this period, Fonda announced that she would make only films that focused on important issues, and she generally stuck to her word. She turned down An Unmarried Woman because she felt the part was not relevant. She followed with popular and successful films such as The China Syndrome (1979), about a cover-up of an accident in a nuclear power plant; and The Electric Horseman (1979) with her previous co-star, Robert Redford.


jane fonda with dad and kate hepburn sitting smilingIn 1980, Fonda starred in Nine to Five with Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton. The film was a huge critical and box office success, becoming the second highest-grossing release of the year.[18] Fonda had long wanted to work with her father, hoping it would help their strained relationship.[15] She achieved this goal when she purchased the screen rights to the play On Golden Pond, specifically for her father and her.[19] On Golden Pond, which also starred Katharine Hepburn, brought Henry Fonda his only Academy Award for Best Actor, which Jane accepted on his behalf, as he was ill and could not leave home. He died five months later.[15] Fonda continued appearing in feature films throughout the 1980s, most notably in the role of Dr. Martha Livingston in Agnes of God(1985). She was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of an alcoholic murder suspect in the 1986 thrillerThe Morning After, opposite Jeff Bridges. She ended the decade by appearing in Old Gringo. This was followed by the romantic dramaStanley & Iris (1990) with Robert De Niro, which would be her final film for 15 years.

Exercise videos

jane fonda workoutFor many years Fonda took ballet class to keep fit, but after fracturing her foot while filming The China Syndrome, she was no longer able to participate. To compensate, she began participating in aerobics and strengthening exercises under the direction of Leni Cazden. The Leni Workout became the Jane Fonda Workout, which began a second career for her, continuing for many years.[15] This was considered one of the influences that started the fitness craze among baby boomers, then approaching middle age. In 1982, Fonda released her first exercise video, titled Jane Fonda’s Workout, inspired by her best-selling book, Jane Fonda’s Workout BookJane Fonda’s Workout became the highest selling home video of the next few years, selling over a million copies. The video’s release led many people to buy the then-new VCR in order to watch and perform the workout at home. The exercise videos were produced and directed by Sidney Galanty, who helped to put the deal together with video distributor Stuart Karl, of Karl Home Video. Galanty produced the first video and 11 more after that. She would subsequently release 23 workout videos with the series selling a total of 17 million copies combined, more than any other exercise series.[15] She released five workout books and thirteen audio programs, through 1995. After a fifteen-year hiatus, she released two new fitness videos on DVD in 2010, aiming at an older audience.[20]

Retirement and return

Handprint and footprint ceremony honouring actress Jane FondaIn the early 1990s, after three decades in film, Fonda announced her retirement from the film industry.[21] In May 2005, she returned to the screen with the box office success Monster-in-Law.[15] In July 2005, the British tabloid The Sun reported that when asked if she would appear in a sequel to her 1980 hit Nine to Five, Fonda replied, “I’d love to”.[22] Fonda appeared in the 2007 Garry Marshall-directed film, Georgia Rule, which co-starred Felicity Huffman and Lindsay Lohan.  In 2009, Fonda returned to act on Broadway for the first time since 1963, playing Katherine Brandt in Moisés Kaufman‘s 33 Variations.[23][24] The role earned her a Tony nomination forBest Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play.[25]  She starred alongside Catherine Keener in Peace, Love and Misunderstanding, which was released in 2012.[26] She made a return to French cinema, shooting Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble (…And If We All Lived Together) mid-2010.[27][28][29]  In July 2011, Fonda’s planned appearance on the QVC shopping network to promote her latest book, Prime Time: Making the Most of Your Life, was cancelled on short notice. Fonda said the cancellation was a response to viewer complaints about her activities during the Vietnam War.[30] Fonda has said she had “never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us” and blamed QVC’s actions on “pressure by some well-funded and organized political extremist groups”.[31]  Since 2012, Fonda has had a recurring role as Leona Lansing, CEO of a major media company, in HBO’s original political drama The Newsroom. In 2013, she portrayed First Lady Nancy Reagan in Lee Daniels’ The Butler.  For more on Jane Fonda see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Fonda Courtesy of Wikipedia


Rolling Stones to return to Tour

mick jagger georgia may lwren jade last summerThe Rolling Stones are to return to touring late next month following the postponement of a string of shows in the wake of the suicide of Sir Mick Jagger‘s long-term girlfriend L’Wren Scott. The band have announced new dates in Europe, with their live performances now due to resume on May 26 at Norway‘s Telenor Arena inOslo. The Stones had been poised to give details of the shows when fashion designer Scott took her own life in her New York apartment just over a fortnight ago. Sir Mick, together with the band, called off their Australian tour as they came to terms with their loss. He headed to California with members of his family and a private funeral was held for 49-year-old Scott in Los Angeles last week. The newly-announced dates are part of the group’s 14 On Fire tour which will also see a night each in Portugal, Switzerland, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Sweden, finishing in Denmark on July 3. No UK date has been announced at this stage although the conclusion of the current series of dates would leave them free to perform at the British Summer Time Festival in London‘s Hyde Park, at which they performed two nights last year, and which runs from July 4 to 13. It has still to fill the Saturday, July 5, headline slot.

Scam victim who bought Apple computer is sent piece of fruit

appleAn unsuspecting customer, who purchased an Apple Mac computer online, was dismayed to find he had paid several hundred euro just for a piece of fruit. Now gardai are trying to establish if any victims of the scam are based here in Ireland. Fraudsters, who set up the online scam, sent out apples and other fruit, vegetables and bricks, to their victims instead of their intended purchases. An organised crime gang, who masterminded the international fraud, conned hundreds of victims in at least 15 countries. The gang, who had been operating the scam since last year, were based in Poland but lured online victims from countries ranging from the United States, to CanadaIndia, and several EU countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK. The sales were made through online auctions, hosted on eBay and other Polish platforms. After making electronic payments for goods such as the Apple Mac computers, customers using the Polish platforms were sent the apples and other small items while those using eBay received nothing. As soon as the fraudsters received the electronic funds, they transferred them to prepaid cards and then withdrew the cash at ATMs. Customers shopping on eBay were protected by a money-back guarantee. The full extent of the scam has not yet been determined. Police are aware already that the gang made off with €35,000 but fear that the final figure will be much higher. The police operation was co-ordinated by the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol in The Hague and it worked closely with eBay to uncover the gang. Head of operations at EC3 and former senior garda officer, Paul Gillen, told the Irish Independent last night: “This is an excellent example of what can be achieved when Europol joins together with national police forces and outside agencies such as eBay to successfully dismantle a criminal group responsible for sophisticated online frauds across several countries.” During a series of raids on targeted homes in Poland at the weekend, police seized a large quantity of potential evidence, including anonymous prepaid cards, cars, laptops and mobile phones, according to authorities. Officers also arrested two key suspects in Pulawy, Poland, while they were attempting to withdraw what police believed to be fraudulently obtained cash from an ATM. Mr Gillen said EC3 cyber experts assisted Polish law enforcement authorities by providing on-the-spot expertise and real-time access to Europol’s databases while eBay provided support from its Dublin-based operations centre by helping police to trace criminal online activity, via live monitoring systems.  Courtesy  TOM BRADY SECURITY EDITOR  http://www.independent.ie/

Fyi; The real Apple, as in Apple Mac iTunes et al, turns over some $3Bn a week… that’s 3 Billion Dollars  a week! 12 odd Billion Dollars a month… 144 Billion Dollars a year… give or take a dollar…  Don’t suppose they’d consider passing on any of those obscene billions back to the consumer? No? mmh didn’t think so. Apples and Oranges eh?

Speaking of Scams?

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery and to an extent this is true. However, one could argue when imitation moves from flattery to full blown obsession, copying every single business move?  You know you’re being stalked by a fruitcake!


Due to recent somewhat unethical business practices of two of our competitors, we are suspending our regular feature where we announce and promote the latest Hotels to sign up Orchid Jewels. Resentment is a particularly unattractive trait and this inappropriate behaviour by these two competitors is currently being investigated. However, we have very exciting news regarding a brand new franchise contract. We shall officially announce the details in the coming weeks, once all the contracts have been signed. We’re aware that our business is highly competitive, but we prefer to operate with integrity and ethics. Orchid Jewels is looking forward to this new and exciting phase.


‘X Factor’ Boss Simon Cowell: ‘I Want Louis Walsh Back As A Judge… But Cheryl Cole Doesn’t’

Cheryl-Cole-and-Simon-Cowell-3103350Simon Cowell has admitted that Louis Walsh‘s future on ‘The X Factor‘ may be in jeopardy, as Cheryl Cole – who is returning to the series after a break of three years – doesn’t want the Irish judge to return to the show. Louis has previously said that he’s confident he’ll be returning to ‘The X Factor’ – having been on a judge on every series of the show since it began in 2014 – but it’s now thought Cheryl would rather his job went to someone else. Speaking to OK! about the future of the judging panel, Simon said: “I want Louis to come back to ‘The X Factor’ – but Cheryl doesn’t.” Cheryl and Louis have something of a history, he was the original manager of Girls Aloud after they won ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ back in 2002, but they ended up ditching him after they felt he wasn’t doing enough for them. Kimberley Walsh addressed the issue in her book ‘A Whole Lot Of History’, writing: “Louis has just never really been a hands-on type of manager, and back then we suffered because of it. “Whatever the case, his disappearing act meant we had nobody looking after us and nobody fighting our corner as far as record company decisions went.”Cheryl has previously said she would prefer it if a “strong woman” joined her as a judge when the show returns to screens later this year.Simon also spoke to OK! about being a new dad, describing his son Eric as “a little sweetheart”. However, he admitted that he’s yet to change a nappy, claiming: “I’m still thinking about it!” PS peeps, Si’s ex Sinitta is to be Godmother, no surprizes there then eh?. Read the full story in this week’s OK! Magazine, out now.  Courtesy of http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/

Gwyneth and Chris split after year trying to save marriage. And introduced us to a new expression…Conscious uncoupling?

gweneth and chrisCOLDPLAY’S Chris Martin tried desperately to save his 11-year marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow, but they simply couldn’t overcome their problems, friends have said. More details are emerging of the celebrity pair’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ which was announced on Paltrow’s website Goop. And the couple, who have two children together Apple (9) and Moses (7), revealed how they had spent most of the past year working hard to save their marriage. Sources close to the Coldplay singer say he was desperate to salvage their relationship, even suggesting counselling and a move back to London from their LA base. But despite their best efforts, Chris (37) and Gwyneth (41) have decided to separate and end one of the most high-profile celebrity relationships. The joint statement read: “We have come to the conclusion that while we love each other very much, we will remain separate. We are, however, and always will be a family and in many ways, we are closer than we have ever been.”We have always conducted our relationship privately and we hope that as we consciously uncouple and co- parent, we will be able to continue in the same manner.” The website crashed shortly after they posted the statement, such was the volume of traffic. The couple went to the Bahamas with their two children to lie low, shortly before dropping the bombshell. With a combined wealth of €72m, attention has now turned to how they will divide their sizeable assets as they work out the best agreement for their family. Earlier this month, the pair bought a John Lautner-designed house in Malibu for a cool €10m. Set on a secluded acre of land and surrounded by tropical landscaping, the single-storey house is rumoured to be Chris Martin’s new bachelor pad as he makes a fresh start as a single man. The pair, who married at a secret ceremony in Mexico in December 2003, were last photographed together in January at a fundraising bash hosted by Sean Penn. There were no signs that anything was amiss in the relationship as they were pictured laughing and looking relaxed. Their shock statement was followed by tips for ‘Conscious Uncoupling’ by Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Sherry Sami. Making it clear that the couple are heading for divorce, the tips said: “Divorce is a traumatic and difficult decision for all parties involved and there’s arguably no salve besides time to take that pain away.” The state of their marriage has long come under scrutiny – and Gwyneth often called rumours they were breaking up “ridiculous”. Last October, she was forced to deny any “romantic relationship” with supermodel Elle Macpherson’s billionaire husband Jeff Soffer. It was claimed their friendship may be probed in a Vanity Fair article, which was later scrapped. Gwyneth raised eyebrows with a 2011 interview where she was outspoken on her views on adultery. She said: “I am a great romantic, but I also think you can be a romantic and a realist. Life is complicated and long and I know people that I respect and admire and look up to who have had extra- marital affairs.” The term ‘conscious uncoupling’ is thought to be a Kabbalah term aimed at easing the pain when two people separate. Courtesy of Melanie Finn Showbiz Editor MFINN@HERALD.IE


Proud parents Elton and David plan ‘low-key’ wedding. Seen here with little Zachary

elton and david with zacharyELTON John and his partner David Furnish are aiming for a “low-key” wedding next month following a change in the law which allows same-sex marriages. The couple, who celebrated a civil partnership in 2005 on the day such ceremonies were introduced, said family and friends had been eager to hear about their plans. In an interview for US TV, the singer said: “We’ll do it very quietly. But we will do it and it will be a joyous occasion and we will have our children.” Gay marriages became possible in England and Wales for the first time at the weekend. Prime Minister David Cameron hailed the introduction as a “historic day”. John, who has two adopted children, said: “I’m very proud of Britain and the laws that we’ve seen come into existence since we’ve been together. “For this legislation to come through is joyous, and we should celebrate it. We shouldn’t just say, ‘Oh, well, we have a civil partnership, we’re not going to bother to get married’. We will get married.” During the interview for NBC’s Today programme, Furnish said of the anticipation from their circle of friends: “The phone’s been ringing off the hook.” John is back in the album charts with a 40th anniversary edition of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, which went in at No12.   Courtesy of The PRESS ASSOCIATION & http://www.herald.ie/

Woman accidentally joins search party looking for herself

missing woman searches for herselfA missing woman on vacation in Iceland managed to unwittingly join a search party looking for herself. Toronto Sun reports that a tourist group traveling by bus to the volcanic Eldgja canyon made a pit stop near the canyon park. The woman in question went inside to freshen up and change her clothes at the rest stop, and when she came back “her busmates didn’t recognize her.” Word spread among the group of a missing passenger, and the woman didn’t recognize the description of herself. Next thing you know, a 50-person search party was canvassing the area, and the coast guard was mobilizing to deploy a search party of its own. About 3am, some genius in the group finally figured out that the missing woman was actually in the search party, albeit in different clothes, and the search was called off.  No word on what kind of wardrobe was involved in this woman’s “freshening up.” But her sense of self-image must be way out of whack to join a search party until 3am without even suspecting for a minute that the woman in the description bore some resemblance to herself.  Courtesy of Alex Moore Death And Taxes. http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/author/alex-moore/

From the surreal to the bizarre

This is an award winning Body Paint Artist…… seriously study the picture very closely –  can you see it yet?  Scroll down to next photo to see how she did it.  Incredible shot.

body paint parrott amazing

And the answer is –  I think you’ll agree this is truly remarkable work!

body paint parrott diagram


And finally.. To man’s best friend. Beautiful moments in life when nature teaches us to assume nothing!

dog saves baby abandoned in forest



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